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Morocco is a land of stunning contrasts from snowcapped peaks overlooking vast deserts, green hills and valleys that bring forth abundants crops and beaches washed by the waters of the Mediterranean and Atlantic.


The Moroccan people are also a rich tapestry of cultures and languages.

We begin with a four day stay in exotic Marrakesh, a city drenched in vibrant colors. We explore the historic palaces, religious schools and beautiful gardens.


In the mountains outside of Marrakesh we visit a boarding school for girls from isolated villages.

A good quality education is crucial to break the cycle of poverty and we'll be donating educational supplies, tablets and a printer.

Next we travel to Fez, the spiritual capital of Morocco and home to one the world's oldest universities.

In this historic city of ancient walls and gorgeous mosques, we learn more about the history and beliefs of the Islamic faith.


Weaving rugs is an important source of income from women in rural areas surrounding Fez.

We visit a weaving cooperative to learn more about the craft and we donate phones that artisans use to promote and sell their products.

We also donate much needed books and pencils to improve their children's education.




  • 9 days, 8 nights based in Marrakesh and Fez

    Included activities:

    • Donate educational supplies to a school for Berber girls
    • Explore Islamic prayers and practices
    • Visit historic palaces and gardens
    • Meet the women of a weaving cooperative 
    • Learn about traditional Moroccan cuisine
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